How To Change Age On Tinder. Find Out Here.

Tinder is an online dating app.

It can be be frustrating when you want to change your age and you find that some account information are unchangable. When setting up tinder for the first time, it is imporrant to get things right from the word go. Your age and name information cannot be edited after you create the account.

If you use Facebook to setup your tinder account make sure the your facebook account is correct because that is what tinder will use.

At the point when you need to change age on Tinder, you won’t perceive any alternative that lets you change age. This leaves an issue for Tinder clients who need to change their age.

This leaves an issue for Tinder clients who need to change their age.

Yet, there is a way.

There’s as yet a stunt that can change your age on Tinder. Yet, with one necessity: your Tinder record ought to be enrolled with Facebook in any case.

Facebook permits you to change age the same number of times as you need, yet at the same time with cutoff points obviously. In the event that you’ve changed your age on Facebook, you may need to trust that couple of days will have the option to change the age for the subsequent time.

On the off chance that you haven’t, here’s the means by which to do that:

Basically go to your Facebook account. Open your Facebook profile. Tap Edit Profile.

At that point, on the Birthday area, tap the alter button. Presently, pick the new or right age you need to set.

When done, you won’t see your new age on Tinder yet. Your age on Tinder will even now look like previously.

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