How To Tell If A Guy Has A Small Package.

If you are a woman and you are interested in knowing the size of a man’s package then you have to find a way to look at it when he is erect. The best way to know is to dare ask him to show you. That is not easy and leaves you with few choices.  To look at it when pants show some imprint of his package, if small even when not hard he probably doesn’t have a large one though that’s not the case always.

When he is wearing a pair of gym pants depending on what kind of underwear he wears you may have a clue to what size. The imprint will be imposing and then you can probably see if it’s big or small package.

You should also know that there is no real way to be sure until you lay eyes on his bare erect penis. But does even the size matter? To many that’s a load of bullshitt compare the fun and the size.

But if your goal is just penetration sex and nothing else then you should reach out to only men who have a large package.

Males who discover a lady is after them because of primarily because of their size feel used and try to avoid such a lady. For a man the package is no more important than the pleasure and care one shows.

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