Who Blocked Me On Twitter? Here Is How To Do It.

It is not easy to know who or what accounts on Twitter blocks you. When someone blocks you on Twitter, Twitter don’t get you notified of the blocking. It is not even easier with many other social media platforms because they don’t have a way to check or investigate.

Nevertheless that is not to say you can not find out who blocked you on Twitter. Let us find out here how to know who blocked you on Twitter.

The solution lies with investigating a little bit the accounts suspected of blocking you. Since Twitter does not have a function in it that tells you when somebody blocks you, you will have to find out that by yourself.

This is how you will find out who blocked you on twitter.

  • Open twitter in a browser.
  • Go to search box.
  • Open the account profile you suspect of having blocked you.
  • When you try to open that profile it will not open but it will return the message “You’re blocked. You can’t see or follow XYZ Tweets.”


Repeat that to all suspected accounts. Though it may be repetitive boring going to each account and checking out manually, you will eventually come up with a list.

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