How To Use Laptop As Monitor For PS4. Find Out Here.

You cannot connect a PS4 device to laptop but you can play your games from PS4 using your laptop screen. You can do this using a number of methods and one of those methods is by installing in to your laptop PlayStation Remote Play. After installing these drives sync your laptop with your PS4, after sync you will be able to play your games using the laptop screen.

If your laptop has HDMI (High definition multimedia interface) port you can use it to feed the laptop the data from the PS4 which is the source. Note that most of the laptops will have output HDMI and not an input HDMI meaning the laptop will display data to an outside screen but incapable from receiving data from outside to display on its screen.

The other method of utilizing your laptop screen to play a PS4 games is by using “DualShock 4 controller” connected via USB. This is possible when using PlayStation 4 or above edition, and you will be able to play your game remotely.

What happens when you put the PS4 game CD disc in to your laptop? Nothing will happen it will not display anything as they can only function in PS4. Your computer cannot read them.

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