How To Uninstall Eclipse On Windows 10. Find That Below.

Could you wondering on how to uninstall eclipse from your computer?

If you want to completely remove Eclipse on your computer see the following guide. Note that this guide is not for MAC ios or other operating system but this is for Windows and Windows 10 to be particular.

Method 1

You can easily remove eclipse in this way;
Go to your computer and find the parent Eclipse folder.
Open the folder.
In it you will find a file for uninstalling the eclipse.
Open it and follow the wizard.
It will uninstall eclipse from your computer.

Method 2

You can use your computer control panel console to remove or add any program. You can install and uninstall any program from this tool which comes with all Windows OS.

This is how you will do;

Click the “Start” button from your computer.
Click and open “Control Pane”.
Open the “programs folder”.
Scroll the lis, it contains all installed programs on your computer.
Find Eclipse and double click it
Or click it once and then you will prompted to uninstall
Click uninstall.
And like that your computer deletes all folders, files, drivers and anything associated with Eclipse from your computer.

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