How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos – Find Out Here!

You want to watch a YouTube video but it’s no longer there?There is a website called Internet Archive Wayback Machine. This program works like Google. It crawls on the net, indexes pages and archives them. The website pages may be deleted.

That’s the time to turn to the stored pages in internet Archive Wayback machine. If you want to watch that deleted YouTube video do this;

1. Open
2. Type the deleted video url on the search bar.
3. Hit “enter” to see the results.
4. The results will be displayed in calendar form and will show the number of times and date the bots crawled that link.
5. Click on any of the links or date.
6. The video will be displayed.
7. Click it to play.
8. In the case the video will not play use Internet Download Manager to download it.

The best way to get a deleted video would be to conduct the person who uploaded it, if possible, and ask them for a copy. Another way is to check it on other YouTube alternatives like Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

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