How To Pronounce Iran. Find Out Here.

How would you correctly pronounce the country Iran? For those who don’t know about this country it is an Muslim Arabic country in the Middle East, with minority other religions.

This is how you pronounce the country Iran correctly.

EE-run or EEE rahn.

The “I” should be pronounced as “E” as in the word “English, or Enough”.

You will also find that India is starts with I and people don’t pronounce it as “I” but as in in letter “E” in the alphabet. India is E –ndi( as in dinner) then “a” as in the word academic.

Iran or Irahn

Then the “Ran” in Iran should be pronounced as “Run”

So we should be getting something like this “E-run”.

The I can also be pronounced as in the Email, Enough

The “I”  can also be pronounced like we do in word deep “ee”.

Those who don’t get it pronounce Iran as below;

Some people pronounce it as “I-Ran” which is not correct. The word “I-ran” and “Erun” are pronounced differently.

Others pronounce it eye RAN.

The Arabic country is pronounced “eeRAHN.’’

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