How To Pronounce Data. Find Out Here.

How to pronounce data does not really matter as long as you communicate and people understand you? Well to some people it matters but to others its nothing to debate about. The pronunciation of the word ‘’data’’ depends on where you come from or the preference you may choose to pronounce it.

Datum is the singular word of data. Data are simply raw units of information. Technically speaking data becomes information when analyzed. Data is acts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis. “There is very little data available” synonyms: facts, figures, statistics, details, particulars, specifics, features; Morethe quantities, characters, or symbols.

There are three common distinct data pronunciations;

You can pronounce data as; Datta, sounding like matter, “hatter.”

You can also pronounce the word as Darta, sounding like smarter, “father” ;

And data can also be pronounced as Dayta, sounding like crater, “paper,”.

Data was originally a Latin word copied to English and got Anglicized. In the Latin uses macrons it would be pronounced as“da-tuh”. Latin origin words should be pronounced closer to phonetic for the majority of International speakers to understand.

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