How To See Deleted Discord Messages? See Below.

Discord is a group sharing platform that allows users to; voice, video and chat, as well as livestream games and other programs from their computers. Initially made for gamers Discord has seen rise in into general use by other online communities.

Discord admits that they don’t keep deleted messages on their servers. Users may have a reason to want see a deleted message. Since their servers don’t save the messages and no hope of getting anything from their side, you can try to find a solution from your computer. Sometimes whenever a discord message is deleted it will actually save (pre-cache) in your system. This also known as lazy loading discord caches images/files to increase loading performance and save bandwidth.

To see your deleted discord message we are going to use an orthodox method here.

  • Open up Run.exe
  • App data
  • Scroll to the discord folder
  • Click and open it
  • Then go to Cache folder
  • You will find a lot of files those are cached images
  • You can’t open them yet because they don’t have an image format
  • Now all you will have to do is to change the file extension.
  • Renaming one by one is not easy though
  • Now we specify the path for cache folder using “CD”
  • C:\users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Discord\cache\
  • You can just copy the path
  • Now we use Ren which renames files
  • Type the following..  “Ren *.*.png”
  • Now you can review those images

You will do that for text messages and videos and audios only that you will put the appropriate extension for each.

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