Porous Water-absorbing Mass Of Fibers

Porous Water- Absorbing Mass of Fiber.

Well, we are talking about a sponge here. Don’t we all know it has many uses in our day to day life, be it home, factory, hospital and any place that requires cleaning It is basically made of cellulose which makes it soft and porous. Its functionality lies in a simple scientific fact of surface tension. All the holes that we see are an integral part of how this tool can be used. The more the number of holes, the better its absorbency. Apart from being a cleaning aid, a sponge has other uses as well.

1. Did you know that you can use it for sprouting seeds? Just by placing a few seeds on the sponge and covering it with a glass bowl, you can grow amazing herbs. Just place it under sunlight for a few days.

2. Is your refrigerator smelly? Just place a sponge with some soda bicarbonate sprinkled over it and it will absorb all that odor giving your fridge a fresh smell.

3. Nail polish remover. By placing a small piece of sponge in a small jar and pouring nail polish remover over it you can dip your nails into the sponge and remove nail polish.


A great tool for your home indeed.

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