What Is The Oxidation State Of Each Individual Carbon Atom In c2o42−? Find Out Here.

The charge of C2O4 is -2 because it is a polyatomic ion. It is true that the oxidation number of the carbon atoms in the compound C2O2-4 is typically both the same atoms, therefore it can be calculated as the following,

Oxygen always has an oxidation number of oxygen is -2 and that of carbon is unknown so we say x

The equation will be then

2x+4x (-2) =-2



Oxidation number of carbon then is +3.

The oxidation number of the carbons + the oxidation numbers of the oxygens must equal -2. That of oxygen will always be -2 save in water which is -1 and of2 where it is +2. For the carbons its oxidation number has to be +6. In this equation there are 2 carbon atoms, each should give +3 each.

In this molecule the oxygen atom overall charge can also be calculated like this; Since there are 4 atoms.

The overall charge of the atom would be

4 x(-2) = -8

And that of carbon would is +3

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