How To Leave Moonglade. Find That Below.

How do you leave Moonglade in the game the World of Warcraft Classic?
There are six ways which you can leave;

• You can hearth
• Taking the druid only flightpath. This will take you back to Rut village outside of Darnassus or for the Horde, takes you to Thunderbluff. They are next to every other, right outside the inn, near alittle house with an herbalism trainer.
• Take the regular flightpath. There’s a daily flight master south of the lake.
• Take the tunnel. Follow the road out of Moonglade to the south and you’ll skip the Furlbog tunnel. Be careful though, this is often just for high level players are the Furlbogs will attack you. The tunnel results in Winterspring and Felwood, both high level zones.
• Summon. Get a Warlock and a few friends to summon you out!
• Using the neutral flight path in Nighthaven, will take you out of Moonglade, if your hearth is on cooldown.

The teleport may be a handy second “hearth” to travel to Kalimdor fast though!
You’ll take the Druid-only flight path, which is free. Where is it? Look at your map. There in the Nighthaven, you’ll see what looks light a cluster of pools. The Flight person is just west of those.

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