How To Get Off The Gangstalking List. Find Out Here.

We need to keep certain things and mine about this because this is a very sensitive and triggering topic.

People who do gang stalking are not nice people, and they pick out people who have little to no power over them or be able to control them.

These people have connections with the government or are deeply involved with politics in general. So, if you are on their list, it is like stepping on a piece of gum.

But nevertheless, here is how you can get off their list.

How can you get off their list?

–         Take a step back and recall since when did this situation start and the troubles began. This will help you in figuring out because of what or who have these things started.

–         Have you met someone because of whom this has started? Since their connections in the political and law enforcement sides are strong so ponder over that fact.

–         Last but not least, pray to God for your safety and that of your loved ones.

If you come across situations where you know that you might end up on their list, it’s best to crush your ego and not say anything because it is better than having a miserable life later.

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