How To Become A Vampire. See Below.

This reminds of a popular movie some years back called Blades by Wesley Snipes.

Why would somebody want to become a vampire seeing that they are associated with demonic things and Satanism and nothing of good report is from them?

What is really a vampire? A vampire is a fiction invented by author Bram Stoker in his 1897 best selling novel Dracula. Since then the idea of vampires has been popularized by the entertainment media. In the movie Dracula religious relics like the bible and the cross are used to scare and chase away the vampires.

According the factious comics and movies to become a vampire another vampire has to bite you suck your blood. Afterwards you die you go to hell and then you raise again a vampire. To become a vampire you have to denounce God and choose the devil a catastrophic thing and a tragic thing to do.

You also can become a vampire in the real world by simply accepting to live like one. The modern world media with its weirdness has created a non-existent thing as real and you can act weirdness and adopt a lifestyle associated with vampires and eventually you will one to your own peril. My advice; choose God vampires are evil.

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