How Tall Is Ben Shapiro? Find out Here!

How tall is Ben Shapiro? Shapiro is a Jewish-American political commentator and a speaker at college campuses across the United States. In his speeches, he often presents a conservative viewpoint on controversial subjects and is a critic of the alt-right movement.

Shapiro has claimed that he’s 5’9 (175 cm) however that been a bone of contention with some believing he is shorter than that. Debate about his height surfaced after picture of him and Jordan Peteresen was published where he appeared shorter than Jordan. Another picture with Dennis Prager who is noted to be 6’4″ has cast doubts of his height claims.

There is also another picture of Shapiro with Ted Cruz which obviously shows that Shapiro really isn’t 5’9 or anything near that for that matter.

To defend himself Shapiro claimed that the picture was photo shopped and he produced another photo he claimed to be true one. His photo looked really photo shopped which left many wondering which was really photo shopped. But following the one he disapproved which seems legitimate the political commentator, media host, and attorney could be 5’4″ as many other who have pegged his height so. One personality who is noted for lying is Benjamin Shapiro.

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