How Many Cups In A Gallon. Find Out Here.

Converting volumes is an easy yet complicated process especially considering the different metric systems around the world. When baking or cooking, cups provide a better tool of measurement than for example: a glass. A cup is a small unit of measurement while a gallon is a large unit of measurement.

A gallon is equals to 3,785 ml (127.98oz) which is 3.785litres. If we divide 3,785ml by 236ml, we get 16.03 cups, this applies to both cup sizes. This shows that 16 cups equals 1 gallon.

A gallon is four times larger than a liter. A large soda bottle is typically one liter and if multiplied by four, that’s enough to keep a kid’s birthday party going for 2-3 hours.

There are two types of gallon measurements: the US gallon and the UK gallon, otherwise known as the Imperial gallon. Because cups vary in size, there are two different cup sizes that act as a mid-ground for the cup to gallon conversion: the US cup size is between 236ml-240ml while the UK cup size is 250ml. In ounces,the US cup size is between 7.98 oz – 8.11 oz while the UK cup size is 8.45 oz.

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