What Can Be Found At The Beginning Of Eternity. Find Out Here.

“What can be found at the beginning of eternity’’, is a riddle after all. Don’t whack your brain open trying to figure out what your brain can not fathom by comparing ‘time’ ‘Space.

If look at the sentence you will notice that the word “eternity” begins with a letter “e”. again look at the word “time” and it ends with letter ‘’e’’ again. Its translation is simple, its asking what begins with the word ‘’eternity’’. So the answer is “e”.

The riddle has its version but most of them end up focusing on a single letter in the sentence.

This riddle has its variation too and has been tweaked as this, ‘’what is the beginning of eternity, the end of time, the beginning of every end, and the end of every place’’.

The answer is still the same because the sentence focusing on one letter and that is letter ‘’e’’.

The word ‘’eternity’’ begins with letter ‘’e’’.

The word ‘’time’’ ends with ‘’e’’,

The word ‘’end’’ begins with letter ‘’e’’ and

The word ‘’place’’ ends with  letter ‘’e’’ too. So the answer to the riddle is ‘’e’’.

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