How To Find Out Who Hacked Your Phone. Find Out Here.

Mobile phones have taken a center stage in our lives in modern days. We fiddle with it all time and store our personal data in them do tasks in them, give us directions,  and much more a phone comes in handy.

Having such a gadget with so much information about us can also be dangerous when that data lands in the wrongs hands. That will come when a hacker gets access to personal information like passwords. Nothing can be more unsettling like phone hacking. Knowing that some figure somewhere has compromised your phone and accessed your personal data and other sensitive information is very much troubling.

You can know if your phone is hacked by this signs.

  • Slow phone
  • Fast draining battery
  • Data usage goes through the roof

To know who hacked your phone you have to determine what kind of access the hacker has or what kind of malware has been put in your phone.

You will have to look in the past to track of all the activities you have done previously to determine who has hacked your phone. Did you visit a certain website and downloaded a program or enticed with an offer to click and you clicked and suddenly downloaded a malware. Does your phone get to other handler apart from you? They can download things knowingly or unknowingly.

The ability of android downloading apps away from the official sites increases their chance for an attack.

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