What Is The Angular Speed Of The Tip Of The Minute Hand On A Clock, In rad/s? Find Out Here.

The speed is no dependent of the clock size, though in the big clocks their pointers tips velocity speed will be higher than small ones. The second hand experiences 2π radians in 1 min.

The analog clock with a circular shape is divided in to 12 segments for hour and every one is isolated into 5 (for quite a long time). Hence there are 60 divisions in a simple clock. In the event that we think about that clock as a circle, at that point every moment (or second) covers 360°/60 = 6°.

Since minute hand moves 1 division (=6°) every moment it’s rakish speed is 6°/minute. We realize that 1 moment is equivalent to 60 seconds. In the event that we supplant 1 moment in that speed with 1 second we get, rakish speed =6°60 second=1°10 second=0.1°/second
The moment hand makes a total turn in an hour = 3600 seconds.
All out point = 2π rad

Precise speed of the moment hand = 2π = π rad/s
3600 1800

The moment hand makes one round trip in 60 minutes.
The greatness of the precise speed of the moment hand is
|ω|=360o /hour
The precise speed of the moment hand is 1°/10/second.
In a simple clock, the number are organized on a round circle from 1 to 12. There are 2π radians all around.

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