How Would You Address Wide Range Issues In Groups?

How would you address wide range issues in groups.

In any kind of a group its always imperative to  have the groups common goal and vision clearly communicated and internalised by members.  Lack of this brings  confusion and frictions.

If then there is any pressing issues bringing in disagreement or uncomfort in a group it ought be the first priority issue to deal with. This will help avoid further friction and break up of communication which may lead to group break up depending on the type of group.


Any issues threatening the group cohensiveness should also be addressed immediately. 


Every member should be treated with respect inorder for the leader to earn respect too. Opinions and  needs of members should also be looked into.


Encourage group work and unity. All members should work in teamwork. A good group leader should set a good example and let the group emulate him or her.


Encourage group members to participate in asking questions. Give them space to participate in decision making process. This will make them “own” every process. Initiate discussions, forums and other group activities. Channels of communications should be open at all times.

A forcussed group achieves great deal. Dealing with common group issues helps in de-escalating tensions. All that implemented will help address wide range of issue.


How Many Dinner Plates Were On The Titanic

Titanic was the largest and grandest ship of its time. Built in Ireland in 1909, Titanic had a total passager capacity of 3547 for all classes. Titanic had a total of 12000 plates of dinner on board a test that it was a giant liner. According to the reports the ship could accommodate approximately 833 First Class Passengers, 614 in Second Class and 1,006 in Third Class, it could accoodate 1000 crew members.


Titanic was built in Belfast by the ship building company Harland and Wolff. Destined to operate between Southampton UK to New York port, and due to its massive size it accommodated unprecedented number of passager never seen before.

It was the biggest ship in those days and it had 3 classes. The passagers had to cross the sea for a number of days hence they needed food.

Unfortunately Titanic sank during its maiden trip at North Atlantic Ocean after striking an iceberg on April 1912 on its way to New York from Southampton.

An estimated 1500 passagers passengers and crew on board died out of its more than 2224 she carried at the time of the accident making it the largest catastrophe of its time.

Which Of The Following Is A Fundamental Consideration To Examine When Task Organizing A Force?

Different tasks require different sets of skills in order to accomplish them successfully. Due to this, a significant factor in task significance plays a rather large role.


Task significance is the particular outcome; any task might bring about. It is the motivational factor that can motivate an individual to take on the responsibility at hand.

So when it comes to fundamental consideration in organizing a task force, a couple of things are quite essential.

First, the experience of the force should be considered since it is the experience individuals gain when working on a specific field or task. In this case, it is time one has spent serving in the military. Next is equipage, which is the equipment of supplies used in the military; this is basically items like armor and uniform. Sustainability also ought to be considered since it ensures that a state or process is maintained at a certain level for as long as needed.

  1. A final fundamental factor is the mobility of the force, which is the ability of the force to move. Forces with higher mobility can be able to move fast, and/or across more dangerous terrain than forces with lower mobility.



If The Atomic Mass Of An Element Is X, What Is The Mass In Grams Of 6.02×1023 Atoms Of The Element?

Qthe solution is: 6.02 x 1023xg atoms or simply xg atoms.  Heres the explanation.

The amount of a substance in chemistry is measured using a unit called ‘the mole’. It is used to conveniently count atoms. Atoms help in calculating the masses of different substances that are involved in chemical reactions.

The atomic weight of each element is listed in the periodic table. To describe the mass of atoms, scientists use Atomic Mass Units (AMU).

The number 6.02 x 1023 is popularly known as Avogadro’s constant or Avogadro’s number.

Accordingto this concept, the number of units in one mole of any substance is equal to 6.02214076 x 1023. In other words, it is defined as the molecular weight in grams of that substance. This unit can be electrons, molecules, ions, or atoms depending on the character of the reaction (if any) and the nature of the substance.

Dealing with a single molecule or atom is impossible in chemistry because they cannot be weighed, seen, or counted. So, scientists select several particles to make the process convenient. Molecules are extremely small. Thus, scientist select a group of particles, which is 6.02 x 1023. The name of this group is known as mole or simply mol.

Now, we can solve the above problem by using Avogadro’s number. Here, the atomic mass of an element is x. We have to find out the mass in grams of 6.02 ×1023 atoms of the element.

One mole = 6.02 x 1023 atoms

Thus, the solution is: 6.02 x 1023xg atoms or simply xg atoms.






The Term “20 Past 4” Is Sometimes Used In What

The term “twenty past four,” has different meaning in different professions.  It has also been used to express different things in different parts of the world.

“twenty past four,” is a clock term. 20 past 4 is the clock time meaning the clock arm points 20 minutes past 4 O’clock. 4:20am or 4:20pm. The minute arm points 20 and the hour arm points 4, hence 20 past 4.


Like in the United States, the number represents a date, particularly in the 20th of April of every year. This day is acknowledged as a day of Marijuana Celebration together with the culture that is paired with it.

The expression is also used in food and beverage industry. It is used by waiters to remind them where to position the fork and knife. Waiters position fork and knive of 20 past 4 of the clock when serving a customer. They put the knife at position 20 of the clock minute arm and the fork pointing 4 of the clock.

There are other unclear expressions about 20 past 4 for example in the military and in the European football world.

What Are Some Devices Used For Temporary Work Zone Situations?

What Are Some Devices Used For Temporary Work Zone Situations?

Devices that are used for temporary work zone situations are meant for security purposes for the personnel working on those areas and also security of other around such areas.


Such devices are used to warn and prevent people from accessing work places where there could be possible danger against them or the people working there. 


Such devices includes;

  1. Orange and black work zone signs

In road construction orange black signs are used as a warning sign to divers and pedestrian of on-going on a site.

2. Cones

Used as a sign to barricade a scene or site.

3. Flashing arrow lights

Flashing lights are most employed to direct traffic into a detour road.

4. Drums

Drums are used as prevent traffic beyond a certain point

5. Barricades 

Barricades are used as boundaries to prevent unauthourised people accessing a scene or site.

6. Buffer vehicles

Those are employed especially on accident scenes.

7. Arrow panels

They are traffic control devices used where road or lane is closed to warn drivers.

8. Pavement markings

Pavement markings are additional sign and signals. They warn and inform drivers of important conditions. 

Others includes

9. Flags

10. Delineation devices

11. Concrete barriers

12 Pavements markings

13. Temporary condition warning signs

Porous Water-absorbing Mass Of Fibers

Porous Water- Absorbing Mass of Fiber.

Well, we are talking about a sponge here. Don’t we all know it has many uses in our day to day life, be it home, factory, hospital and any place that requires cleaning It is basically made of cellulose which makes it soft and porous. Its functionality lies in a simple scientific fact of surface tension. All the holes that we see are an integral part of how this tool can be used. The more the number of holes, the better its absorbency. Apart from being a cleaning aid, a sponge has other uses as well.

1. Did you know that you can use it for sprouting seeds? Just by placing a few seeds on the sponge and covering it with a glass bowl, you can grow amazing herbs. Just place it under sunlight for a few days.

2. Is your refrigerator smelly? Just place a sponge with some soda bicarbonate sprinkled over it and it will absorb all that odor giving your fridge a fresh smell.

3. Nail polish remover. By placing a small piece of sponge in a small jar and pouring nail polish remover over it you can dip your nails into the sponge and remove nail polish.


A great tool for your home indeed.

Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending

USPS allows shipments to be scanned in a scan form at once if the shipment is large. This sheet will contain bar codes of each individual mail.

Sometimes this status “Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending” may be due to the failure of the post office receiving the mails and doing their due diligence.


The shipment can be taken to the local post office or it can be picked up by the carrier at the senders premise. Now once the shipment is received at the post office the tracking changes to: “Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending” on each of the individual tracking pages.

If not for the Scan Form, the postal worker would have to scan each of the items individually this may cause frustration to the clerk. Here the clerk is required to scan each mail individually and therefore change status from ”Shipment received, package acceptance pending” to ”Received” status but due to the work being too much this may not happen.

The Mails or the shipment will continue with the the transit journey of delivery even without another scanning and therefore the status remaining the same.

It can also be mean that the sender has provided a tracking number but has failed to deliver the items to post office for further processing and forwarding.


If Trees Had Horses Would Be Single


The phrase “if trees had horses would be single” has aroused an interest to many yet most dont know the meaning and seek to know.

Its meaning has been sought and many have tried to explain, but no one really seems to know its its ing.

Its clear that the sentence is grammatically incorrect or some word was cut out.

The following are some of the explanations,

Somebody argued that it should read “If trees had horses, they would be the most single powerful species one the planet.” The meaning being that if trees owned horses they would have been the most influential  creatures here on Earth.

Another had his version that if the tree tried to acquire horses then the horses would be single. Because normally horses are tied on trees. So if the trees really owned horses then horses would be tied on them all through. If then horses are tied always on trees then they would have no chances of meeting other horses to befriend and mate and hence each horse would remain single.

Another explained that it is a reflection on the misery of a tree ever owning a horse, but not being able to mount and ride because it is stationary