Why Are Yeezys So Expensive? Find Out Here.

Imagine a pair of snickers retailing at $1000. Unbelievable! But that is how much you would fork to get some Yeezys editions. It is not uncommon to hear a potential buyer ask why Yeezys snickers are so expensive.

So why are the Yeezys sneakers damn expensive? Why do they cost so much bearing in mind that it’s not so much different from other high end sneakers in the market?

Yeezys sneakers boast of exclusiveness, unique manufacturing process and quality features. Yeezys shoes are carefully designed with quality features and material.  The design itself is headed by the franchise owner Kanye West, who is the chief designer carefully making everything falls to its place. The sneakers are high-end and hyped to create unnatural demand that coupled to the company releasing less supply than the demand makes the sneaker most sought after.  

Wherever there are Yeezys sneakers they come in limited stock. It has been the tradition wherever there is a Yeezys new release the shoes will always come in limited supply. It is their business model to release limited copies which are sold out before everybody could get their copy. Before the release the company will anticipate and know the market demand before release and then they would release less supply than the demand. This makes the shoes price stay through the roof.

The older the shoe edition the high the price gets.

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