Which Of The Following Is A Fundamental Consideration To Examine When Task Organizing A Force?

Different tasks require different sets of skills in order to accomplish them successfully. Due to this, a significant factor in task significance plays a rather large role.


Task significance is the particular outcome; any task might bring about. It is the motivational factor that can motivate an individual to take on the responsibility at hand.

So when it comes to fundamental consideration in organizing a task force, a couple of things are quite essential.

First, the experience of the force should be considered since it is the experience individuals gain when working on a specific field or task. In this case, it is time one has spent serving in the military. Next is equipage, which is the equipment of supplies used in the military; this is basically items like armor and uniform. Sustainability also ought to be considered since it ensures that a state or process is maintained at a certain level for as long as needed.

  1. A final fundamental factor is the mobility of the force, which is the ability of the force to move. Forces with higher mobility can be able to move fast, and/or across more dangerous terrain than forces with lower mobility.



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