What Is Malding? Find Out Here.

Malding is a twitch lingo used to refer to an angry man who is bald. The term was invented from two words mad and balding. The two terms combined came up with the term malding which meant a man mad at his balding.

Recorded in the urban dictionary on 2011, the twitch meme was defined as person who is mad about being bald.

Malding was popularised on Forsen’s twitch streaming channel. Forsen who came about the word on the dictionary in 2019 used it on his channel and his fan base made a buzz out of it.

Another twitch streamer Nymm posted an explanation on twitch how the word malding came about.

Twitch fans on Forsen channel started using;

So bad, so mad
So bald, so mad
So bald, so mald
and the final lingo – malding.

Later somebody on Reddit posted the picture of Forsen campaigned for the picture to be upvoted so that it can appear in Google images, if somebody searched for “mald” or “malding”.

Malding didn’t come without contraversy another Twitch streamer Joey “Nagzz21” in 2019 filed for trademark rights for the term “Malding” in the United States. He posted a video on his website malding.com explaining that the word was trademarked. He later said it was just a joke and anybody was free to use it.

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