What Is Address Line 2. Find Out Here.

When addressing a parcel or a document for postage or courier, it is important to indicate clearly the final destination where the intended receiver of the package is.

Now some confusion exists on how to enter the address and what it is for. So what is address line 2? Is it an alternative address? When you are filling a form and there is a place for address 1 and address 2 some people wonder what to write on address line 2.

Most of the countries will want just one address line but not so to other countries like in the US and UK.

In US though address line 2 is an optional entry. It is mostly used to avoid confusion and optimize delivery of the packages. This section is mainly for people who live in suites or apartments. The address apartment’s address will have number or name and the floor or number or name indicated in the address line 2.

Address line 2 is optional though you will find some forms indicating that you should fill that particular line. An example of an address looks like this,

Name of Recipient
Address line 1
Address line 2
City, State, and ZIP

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