What Is A TF Card? Find Out Here.

A TF card is a memory card developed by Motorola in 2004. TF card is also known as Micro SD card or T Flash was later given the name Trans-flash. In conjunction with SanDisk Company, Motorola launched TF card after they realized a market gap for small flash memory cards that can be fitted in small devices like phones unlike the large custom storage disks.

TF is the smallest of the memory cards of 11x15x1mm dimension. That is just a quarter of the size of a normal SD card

Due to TF’s small size and convenient in portability it is favorite with users of devices like portable music players, GPS devices, multimedia devices, mobile phones, tablets among others. 

TF or Micro SD card is manufactured using the latest NAND MLC technology and controller technology of SanDisk.

 The card has various data capacities. It comes with different data capacities of between 128 MB up to 128 GB. While TF card has its competition it has been more preferred and sold more than any other card. Some other cards similar to TF includes SD card (Secure Digital card). Secure Digital card) is a device based on Semiconductor Flash memory.

It was developed by Panasonic together with Toshiba and SanDisk and released in August 1999. Other storage alternatives devices include hard disk storage disks.

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