What Are Some Devices Used For Temporary Work Zone Situations?

What Are Some Devices Used For Temporary Work Zone Situations?

Devices that are used for temporary work zone situations are meant for security purposes for the personnel working on those areas and also security of other around such areas.


Such devices are used to warn and prevent people from accessing work places where there could be possible danger against them or the people working there. 


Such devices includes;

  1. Orange and black work zone signs

In road construction orange black signs are used as a warning sign to divers and pedestrian of on-going on a site.

2. Cones

Used as a sign to barricade a scene or site.

3. Flashing arrow lights

Flashing lights are most employed to direct traffic into a detour road.

4. Drums

Drums are used as prevent traffic beyond a certain point

5. Barricades 

Barricades are used as boundaries to prevent unauthourised people accessing a scene or site.

6. Buffer vehicles

Those are employed especially on accident scenes.

7. Arrow panels

They are traffic control devices used where road or lane is closed to warn drivers.

8. Pavement markings

Pavement markings are additional sign and signals. They warn and inform drivers of important conditions. 

Others includes

9. Flags

10. Delineation devices

11. Concrete barriers

12 Pavements markings

13. Temporary condition warning signs

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