How To Tell If Your Therapist Likes You-Read This Page To Know

There may be plenty of reasons why you would want to start seeing a therapist.

Most people would seek out therapy for the following common reasons.

  1. Grief.
  2. Anxiety.
  3. Depression.
  4. Loneliness.
  5. Trauma.
  6. Mood swings.
  7. Addiction.
  8. Relationships. etc

People would want a listening, caring, understanding, confidential person to talk to for healing.

Sometimes the relationship between the therapist and client may pass bounds into unusual heights. The therapist or the client might have more interest at each other than the usual. These visits and spending time together in sessions may take a new twist.

But how as a client would you tell if your therapist likes you?

Below are some clues to tell if your therapist likes you.

  1. If you can show up any time and she create time for you without a scheduled session, then that is a good reason to believe she likes you around.
  2. If the therapist enjoys time with you and is not getting distracted in to other things.
  3. If your therapist does not mind having some time outside her work to hang around with you, like having lunch together.
  4. If your therapist is keen on knowing more than your issues at hand then you can be sure she has interest in you.

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