How Strong Is Spider Man- In Strength And His Intellect

How Strong Is Spider Man- In Strength And His Intellect.

Spiderman is super human powerful. He can do stunts that are just wildly unimaginable. He once caught a bullet fired at him in his gloved hands.

He is known to bring down walls and concrete with one blow. He can gorge steel and metal with his hands.

He appeared to knock down a train cartage in a single flick in one of his episodes. He is capable of doing much more amazing things when he has to. He lifted a 1000’s of tones.

Spiderman got this powers when Peter Parker’s was transformed by a spider bite. His whole body was changed and he acquired superhuman capabilities. His senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing, sight, sound, and all the others were also enhanced to superhuman levels.

His intellect is unparalled, very often he has joined the world’s smartest minds to solve threatening problems such as in when they needed to neutralize an alien virus.

Here are his strengths,

Enhanced physiology
Spider sense
Balance and acrobatics
Wall crawling
Enhanced speed
Enhnced speed
Enhanced reflexes
Enhanced speed
Genius intellect
High IQ of 250.
Mystic connection
Resistant to radiation
Resistant to radiation
Rapid metabolism
Resistanceto vampires
Extra arms
Night vision
Venom blast

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