What Do We Say To The god Of Death? Find Out Here.

Not today.

This expression is from the Game of Thrones where Melisandre asks Arya: “What do we say to the lord of Death?” And Arya reacts “Not today.”
According to the Game of Thrones in view of this it implies that there that here is just a single god called named death, and there is just a single thing we state to death, ‘Not today’, meaning you can’t come today.

In the Game of Thrones an American fantasy drama television series Melisandre appears toward the beginning of the epic fight between the living and the dead to assist the fighters, however her definitive object is to help a specific youthful professional killer to remember her fate to close some blue eyes until the end of time. In particular, the Night King’s. Before Arya runs off to have her spot in the Godswood, the Red Woman says some natural words to spike Arya without hesitation, “What do we say to the God of Death?”.

The appropriate response, as Arya knows really well, is, “Not today.” But rather she wouldn’t have the foggiest idea about these words notwithstanding her water moving educator, Syrio Forel. Ned Stark recruits Syrio to show his little girl how to utilize her blade, Needle, while they’re remaining in King’s Landing right off the bat in the show.

Her educator doesn’t have a lot of utilization for the Westeros style of blade battling. As he tells his student during their first meeting, the knights of Westeros hack at their adversaries, holding their incredible broadswords with two hands. He shows Arya an unmistakably more rich and fatal way of battling via preparing her in the Braavosi way.

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