Satin Nickel Vs Brushed Nickel – Which Is Better?

Satin nickel vs brushed nickel

Nickel is one of the metal ornamental used to finishing our homes. Pure nickel is naturally shinny. But with the finished satin and brushed nickel, it’s not so but made less shinny by design.

To get its appearance satin nickel is brushed with wire abrasive to have it’s grainy texture and looks. Both satin and brushed nickel are not shinny. Their prices are almost the same.

Satin nickel is plating done on brass. It’s applied by electrolysis and then treated with a lacquer to make it less shinny.

Brushed nickel is first made in the shape that’s needed and then an abrasive brush of wire is used on its surface to make grains and abrasions. The abrasions are made to face the same directions. Brushed nickel is resistant to rusting hence it’s good to use on faucets and another home decor that comes in contact with water.

Due to the brushing of the brushed nickel, the shinny element is taken away. While satin nickel is treated to purposedly be less shinny.

Uses of nickel in home decor rage from making faucets into doorknobs and switches. Whether to use a satin or brushed nickel depends on the fixture.

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