What Is A Parcel Locker. Find Out Here.

In today’s life the need for quick and seamless delivery of packages has led into innovative ways of delivery. One of the recent methods of delivering packages is the introduction of parcel lockers. Parcel locker is a unique way of delivering packages and locking them up in a compartment booth near the customers residence then a notification is sent to the parcel owner for retrieving.

The online trading had fueled parcel lockers need tremendously as the physical products need to be delivered to the customers soon. The old methods of delivery are being overtaken and soon will be obsolete as new services emerge.

In electronic  parcel lockers the courier company forwarders delivers parcels to customers’ nearest parcel locker, they put the parcel in a particular box, and then digitally lock it. The customer is then notified by either email, text or through the delivery app. The customer is given a pin lock opener or an image to go and scan the lock. The parcel owner proceeds to the booth where to pick their parcel. They open the lock by the pin provided and retrieves their parcel.  

This technique’s overriding benefits over the traditional way of sending and receiving mail. The period of delivery is short while the parcel remains secure.

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