How Long Does Thermal Paste Last? Find Out Here.

Thermal paste is a kind of high heat conductive paste that is used between two objects usually a heatsink and a CPU.

Thermal paste can last for many years. It will be necessary if the heat sink is removed. In most cases, it will last for the life of the machine but it depends on what you do with the machine. To be specific thermal paste can last up to 15 years in normal conditions. Machines that are heavy-duty may need a new coat more often.

Thermal paste transfers heat from CPU to heatsink and the paste must be used when installing heat sinks on CPU. It’s applied as a thin layer so that the copper heatsink may operate as it should.

Types of thermal paste

There are 3 types of thermal paste

  1. Metal-based
  2. Ceramic based
  3. Silicon-based

Among the three pastes, the metal-based paste is the most commonly used for it has high performance.

You know it’s time to change your machine thermal paste when you see;

  1. When temps rise over with time.
  2. Mating bond is broken maybe when handling it or transporting it.
  3. The fan not spinning as fast as it ought to.
  4. Machnie starts to operate abnormally due to high temp

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