How To Ask For A Happy Ending

Happy ending is a term used to refer to some sort of sexual favor as an extra service after or during a massage session with therapist. It means that a massage session is brought in ending by the masseur helping bring the client in to orgasm. The orgasm can be brought by massaging the client on their private parts till they have an orgasm or in some cases have sex together. A masseuse helping the client to ejaculate by use of hand job, blow job, sex.

Such massages are against the law in many places, and professional massage therapy clinics and spas will not oblige to such services.

To ask for happy ending is a trick affair. Caution must be observed if the region where you are prohibits this kind of service. First you need to check if that particular spa or salon offers such service. If you are not sure whether they offer and in the state you are it is prohibited then don’t ask anything.

If you really want it, you can start off by asking to take out your masseuse. If they agree it is a good indication that you can get a happy ending. You can also try to be massaged naked and tell your masseuse to massage every spot of your body. If they oblige to reach your genitals then there is chance that you can get a happy ending. Otherwise this is an art just as you would approach to somebody you want to date.

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