How Does Discord Make Money. Find Out Here.

Discord has multiple monetization methods. It makes good use of it. That is why it is able to make a lot of money through those messages.

First of all, we have the Merch Store of Discord.

There are several things they sell like, sweatshirts; name branded clothes like hoodies, t-shirts, shirts, and much more. Many famous broadcasters, YouTubers, Twitch streamers, sell their merch which fans readily buy. Discord follows a marketing strategy which helps them to benefit out of their sales. They also promote their products, which also benefits their sales. Though most of the profit goes to the owners, Discord still manages to enjoy the small amount of revenue that it receives through selling these items.

Discord also sells its product called Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro means that the user can buy themselves:

–         Personalized and customized Discord tag

–         Animated avatars of yourself

–         Customized and personalized emojis.

–         HD quality of the share screen.

–         Higher resolution of screen sharing in your chat.

–         Improve and boost your upload limit.

–         Upload up to 50 MB rather than 8 MB.

–         Own a nitro badge.

So, these are the few ways how Discord makes money.

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