Why Does Cummings Feel So Good. Find Out Here.

Sex feels good for everyone. It a natural gift of God for us to enjoy in the proper setting. It is also the process of procreation. Some orgasms feel even much intense a feeling of euphoric feeling a mind boggling experiences incomparable. Due to cumming intense excitement and pleasure some people will scream and others moan unknowingly when releasing. The release is so pleasurable it is like an explosion of sweetness happening inside of somebody’s body.

Both men and women experience this feeling when having sex. It happens at the climax when the Cummings comes as they ejaculate to a wonderful release of a slowly building but powerful pressure of semen, the seed of life.

Both the man and woman move in harmony together and some chemical in the brain are released. These chemicals are responsible for the arousal, built up and the release of the excitement that the body goes through. This leads to incredibly relaxing as nature intended it to be.

The following chemicals are in operation being released in the brains when sex is in the process.

  • Sex Produces Dopamine
  • Sex Produces Norepinephrine
  • Sex Produces Oxytocin
  • Sex produces Serotonin
  • Orgasm Releases Endorphins

Sex also feels so great to see partner aroused and wanting you as a man wanting to get deep in her and as a woman seeing a man ready to explore the inside of you. It is so satisfying to see satisfying a partner.

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