How To Change Reddit Username. Find Out Here.

Can a user change the username on Reddit? Reddit is a large and popular news site where one can explore content on a range of topics. Users get to interact by creating boards called sub-reddits where they get to discuss on specific topics and create posts.

Many people on Reddit seek to change their usernames but it is not easy because once you create a username you cannot change it. This is so because it is permanently associated with your verification details given during its creation. Deactivating your account does not help either because deleting it only deletes your username and access to your account. Your posts and comments will still be seen but you cannot use the account once again.

Here is the solution; deactivate your existing account, create a new account. By deactivating your account, you will lose access to your existing account and it would be deleted. However, the existing posts on Reddit posted using the current username would not get deleted. The username on those posts would get replaced with deleted tag.
Once you deactivate the account, there is no going back.

There is a way to change your ‘Display name,’ but it does not affect your actual Reddit username. After you post something, your actual username will be seen.

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