How To Uninstall Eclipse On Windows 10. Find That Below.

Could you wondering on how to uninstall eclipse from your computer?

If you want to completely remove Eclipse on your computer see the following guide. Note that this guide is not for MAC ios or other operating system but this is for Windows and Windows 10 to be particular.

Method 1

You can easily remove eclipse in this way;
Go to your computer and find the parent Eclipse folder.
Open the folder.
In it you will find a file for uninstalling the eclipse.
Open it and follow the wizard.
It will uninstall eclipse from your computer.

Method 2

You can use your computer control panel console to remove or add any program. You can install and uninstall any program from this tool which comes with all Windows OS.

This is how you will do;

Click the “Start” button from your computer.
Click and open “Control Pane”.
Open the “programs folder”.
Scroll the lis, it contains all installed programs on your computer.
Find Eclipse and double click it
Or click it once and then you will prompted to uninstall
Click uninstall.
And like that your computer deletes all folders, files, drivers and anything associated with Eclipse from your computer.

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How To Install Shaders In Minecraft? Find Out That Here.

With Minecraft version 1.15 shaders are very popular with the fans.

Shaders add kick in to the game interms of colors, exposure and reflection of game surroundings. Shaders are popular for Minecraft version 1.15 fans. Optifine has also seen rise in demand.

Shaders are great to achieve intense effects in the game. In order to install shaders you need to first download and install Optifine since shaders are not supported by vanilla Minecraft. So you have to download Optifine if you want to download any shader pack.

Optifine is available free to download on the internet. When downloading Optifine download the Ultra version of it, it contains the most of the features.

  • Right-click to open the optifine installer.
  • Open it with Java™ Platform SE binary.
  • On the options select the “install’’.
  • The installation of optifine will commence.
  • You should see “Optifine is installed successfully.”

After that, download the shaders of your choice since there are plenty of them out there on the net.

Once you have the shader pack downloaded,

  • Open “optifine” version from Minecraft launcher.
  • Select “video setting” from the options.
  • Then “shaders” button and click on it.
  • Click on the “shaders folder” and install your shaders following the wizard prompts.

Any version of the version of shaders will work with Optifine.

Now you are ready to enjoy play your video game with shades on.

How To Leave Moonglade. Find That Below.

How do you leave Moonglade in the game the World of Warcraft Classic?
There are six ways which you can leave;

• You can hearth
• Taking the druid only flightpath. This will take you back to Rut village outside of Darnassus or for the Horde, takes you to Thunderbluff. They are next to every other, right outside the inn, near alittle house with an herbalism trainer.
• Take the regular flightpath. There’s a daily flight master south of the lake.
• Take the tunnel. Follow the road out of Moonglade to the south and you’ll skip the Furlbog tunnel. Be careful though, this is often just for high level players are the Furlbogs will attack you. The tunnel results in Winterspring and Felwood, both high level zones.
• Summon. Get a Warlock and a few friends to summon you out!
• Using the neutral flight path in Nighthaven, will take you out of Moonglade, if your hearth is on cooldown.

The teleport may be a handy second “hearth” to travel to Kalimdor fast though!
You’ll take the Druid-only flight path, which is free. Where is it? Look at your map. There in the Nighthaven, you’ll see what looks light a cluster of pools. The Flight person is just west of those.

Would You Consider Ethyl Acetate To Be A Polar Or Non-polar Solvent? Why?

The compound Ethyl acetate is written Ch3CH2COO- is a polar compound. A lot of confusion exists in regard to ethyl acetate as a polar or non-polar material, but it should be understood that “polar” is a relative property in chemist.

This confusion or lack of clarity is worsened by the fact that organic chemists and material scientist take ethyl acetate polar and non-polar respectively. Material scientist consider ethyl acetate non polar. This they consider so because ethyl acetate is less polar than materials like water and DMSO, though there is some cancellation in ethyl acetate that makes it is considered polar.

According to organic chemists ethyl acetate is a polar material. They consider it so because it is more polar than hexane, diethyl ether and dichloromethane which are the other solvents we use frequently.
The biggest difference between polar and non-polar molecule is that, polar molecules contains bond dipoles, which do not cancel each other, while non polar molecule bonds cancel each other.

Ethyl acetate has 2 O, which result in to two atoms not equal and hence electrons distributed unequally, the molecule is going to have regions with different dipolar moments (+or -), which gives us a polar molecule.

How To Unblur Chegg. Find Out How Below.

Chegg was a company hatched in 2005 with student in mind to help them save money by renting books to them. It later expanded to become a learning resource as students posted their work and then they got expert tutors show them how to work on it. A platform for tutoring students called Chegg Tutors. This was designed to provide on-demand tutoring for students on different types of topics.

This saw the birth of Chegg answers. Now students can ask any type of question and within a short period of time like 15 minutes they can get answered and tutored by a tutor stand by.

Chegg tutors are a paid platform for students and those seeking solutions and mentorships. In order to enjoy the services you subscribe to a monthly fee of $ 14.99. This way you can get the answers and tutoring you need. For unsubscribed person when they open the site, the answers are blurred out and they cannot see them. To remove the blur a monthly subscription is placed and then the subscriber will be able to access the answers.

They give offers sometimes but rarely do you get a free answer. Normally the questions there are tough and no one will get those answers there answered for free.

Besides that somebody can try hacking the system but know that’s illegal and not easy since Chegg has invested heavily against this.

How To Crosspost On Reddit. Learn Here.

Do you seem not get to get I can’t seem to find the option anywhere and I’m on a desktop computer?

In 2018 Reddit updated its algorithm and enabled and now post share options to share. After sharing you will have the option to cross post to another sub reddit.

If you’re on a Desktop/Laptop

1. Open Reddit.

2. Sign into your account.

3. Click cross post under a post’s title. The “Share” button will be right below the main post on the top of the page.

4. Select a sub-reddit for your cross post.

5. Edit the post’s title. Click that and there will be an option for Cross posting.

6. You will see a small arrow leaning to the right next to the “Share” button. Click SUBMIT.

How to cross post or quote on Reddit app for Android?

  • Open the Reddit App
  • Open the cross post you want to cross post tap on the Share button.
  • Click Cross post
  • Next you choose the sub-reddit you wish to share with
  • Edit and the
  • Tap on Post.

Before you share anything you have to make sure the post has a real value to the other sub-reddit you are cross sharing to. If you fail that be sure your cross post will be down-voted very quickly to death.

You have to make sure the post you are cross-posting is not a recent post since it will be recognized and has to be unique too. You can test out this things by your own and see what works.

What Does sfs Mean? Find Out That Below.

what does sfs mean

“sfs” is a social media slag. It’s a hashtag that indicates a user is looking for a shootout for shoutout or a spam for a spam. This is a way to cross promote posts of one user to another users account. Its variation is “S4S” to mean they will share one of your posts if you share one of theirs.

“sfs” is a way of saying “what’s up there, how about you sharing my post in your account and I share yours to my followers”.

In social media platforms, two users will agree to post messages of each other on their pages or accounts. It’s also a savvy way used by influencers and marketers to acquire large audience for marketing purposes.

“Sfs” is not limited to Istagram alone but it is also used on snapchat. In snapchat it is mostly used to mean user is looking for a shoutout on another users snap.

Other meaning of “sfs” is used for are as below;
“Sorry for spam”.
“Search for Spock”
“Shoutout for Shoutout”
“So fucking stupid”
“Suffering from Sanity”
“Sienar Fleet Systems”
“Street Fighter Society”
“So fucking sexy”

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How To Uninstall ds4windows. Find That Below.

Since the windows 10 update most gamers have been going through hard times with their DualShock 4 controllers. DS4Windows is a free program used to run DualShock 4 controllers. After the windows update most gamers are at a mess and looks like everybody wants to uninstall their DS4Windows.

To uninstall this program go to

  • Click the start button  
  • Click and open Control panel
  • On the program icon click  ”uninstall a program”
  • A list of installed program appears, scroll and find the DS4Windows program
  • Click it once to highlight or and then click uninstall up there/ you can double click it.
  • A prompt will appear asking you if you really want to delete it click yes.
  • The program is uninstalled from your computer.

To completely Uninstall DS4Windows Drivers Using Windows Restore Point

This is another method to remove the drivers completely. Note that it only works if you did windows back up.

  1. Open Start Menu and click the Settings.
  2. Open Update & Security
  3. Click on Backup and then select “Back up using File History” and then click on “More options”.
  4. Scroll down and then click on “Restore file from a current backup”
  • Here you will choose the windows backup before you had installed the DS4Windows.
  • A new window will pop where you see all the recent backups of your machine.

 Now if you know the name of backup then type it in the search box. Otherwise, you left or right arrow to choose the version of backup when you didn’t use DS4Windows.

  • After selecting your backup simply click on the Green Restore button.

After the install you will notice no DS4Windows exists in your computer now.

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How To See Deleted Discord Messages? See Below.

Discord is a group sharing platform that allows users to; voice, video and chat, as well as livestream games and other programs from their computers. Initially made for gamers Discord has seen rise in into general use by other online communities.

Discord admits that they don’t keep deleted messages on their servers. Users may have a reason to want see a deleted message. Since their servers don’t save the messages and no hope of getting anything from their side, you can try to find a solution from your computer. Sometimes whenever a discord message is deleted it will actually save (pre-cache) in your system. This also known as lazy loading discord caches images/files to increase loading performance and save bandwidth.

To see your deleted discord message we are going to use an orthodox method here.

  • Open up Run.exe
  • App data
  • Scroll to the discord folder
  • Click and open it
  • Then go to Cache folder
  • You will find a lot of files those are cached images
  • You can’t open them yet because they don’t have an image format
  • Now all you will have to do is to change the file extension.
  • Renaming one by one is not easy though
  • Now we specify the path for cache folder using “CD”
  • C:\users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Discord\cache\
  • You can just copy the path
  • Now we use Ren which renames files
  • Type the following..  “Ren *.*.png”
  • Now you can review those images

You will do that for text messages and videos and audios only that you will put the appropriate extension for each.

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In The Ground-state Electron Configuration Of fe3+, How Many Unpaired Electrons Are Present? Find Out Here.

The atomic number of iron (fe) is 26. Electronic configuration of Fe with 26 electrons is








Fe3+ means 926-3) electrons = 23 electrons.

Due to the fact partially filled orbital configuration is stable enough,

We can say

Fe3+ = 1s2  2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4do 3d5

The outer s and d orbitals dictates its configuration that orbitals therefore have 5 electrons in its outermost part. Since the outermost shell can be occupied by a maximum number of 10 electrons it will have 5 unpaired electrons.


Fe-1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d6 4s2

When Fe+ loses one electron = 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d6, 4s1

And when Fe loses 2 electrons, Fe2+ =1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d6 4s0

When Fe loses 3 electrons its, Fe3+ =1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d5

For Fe to convert to Fe3+ it will have to lose 2 electrons from 4s orbital and 1 electron from 3d orbital. The resulting electronic configuration becomes 4s^0 and 3d^5.