What Is A Table Shower. Find That Below.

This is a special kind of water proof massage table with some series of showers over it. The table is overlaid with waterproof material that drains water hitting it from showers overhead. The rain showers attached over it may vary between 5 to 10 heads.

This kind of shower is not new though it may appear so to some people. Shower table originated from a French city called Vichy and so it is also called Vichy shower. Table shower is common nowadays in massage spa and beauty salons. It is mostly used for the purpose of hydrotherapy treatment and relaxations.

Unlike the normal massage, a stream of water is jetted on to a person’s body while they lay on the table. The stream may be targeted over a particular spot or it may be all over. This water can be hot or warm whatever the customer prefers. Its aim is to relax the body under the stream of hot water and a massage for full pleasure.

The healing benefits of water are used here by giving the water a little bit more pressure that the body can feel. Among many benefits this kind of showering is used to remove the skins dead cells, stress remover and body scrubs.

How Does King Crimson Work. See Below.

King Crimson is is able to change time and space and in between. His ability is to erase time of up to 10 seconds. He has the power to erase people memory in that timespan. In this time frame other people don’t  remember anything and will have nomemories of what transpired during that timespan.

For reference, here’s some of what King Crimson’s stat page says in its description of its ability: “Simply put, this Stand can skip through Time. More precisely, it erases a dozen-odd seconds of Time, during which only it can act. During this period, it also sees the action of others as a forecast-esque image.

It is more like time is being paused even for diavolo but he is able to see events that happen later and move to another spot to prepare for the outcome, however if king crimson were to fight against anyone with time controlling ability’s king crimson would absolutely lose (EX: The world/s

King Crimson is a close range stand, with even less range and durability than The World and Star Platinum, but equal speed and far greater physical power. It’s physical power is useful as singular strikes instead of barrages, and it’s easily able to slice off limbs with chops and can throw sharp objects fast and strong enough to sever limbs and feet.

This stand’s main ability is alter the reality of time itself. Though Diavolo and most JoJo fans call this process “Deleting time”, it’s not really the case. When Diavolo activates King Crimson’s power, it wipes 10 seconds of a person’s memory, removing the process they went through to get to the conclusion. They also forget that they did the action, meaning they arrive at the final step without recalling them doing the action. In other words, King Crimson can remove an action’s process and skip to the result

Why Is Stairway To Heaven The Forbidden Riff? Find Out Here.

Stairway to heaven is a popular song forbidden in most guitar stores in Denmark Street in 1973. Not only “stairway to heaven” is forbidden but a couple of other songs are forbidden riff in guitar stores. 

  • ”Whole lotta love”   
  • Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple
  • Wonderwall by Oasis
  • Sweet Child ‘O Mine by Guns N’Roses
  • Rock You Like a Hurricane by The Scorpions
  • Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne
  • Blackbird by The Beatles
  • Iron Man by Black Sabbath
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

Why should a popular song like the stairway to heaven be forbidden in guitar stores? Every time a customer walked into Guitar store they would always play this song while twisting the guitars.

The owners and workers of the guitar stores heard it so many times they wouldn’t stand it; you wouldn’t enter into a guitar shop and not hear somebody test the guitars by playing Stairway to heaven or other popular forbidden songs. The ban came eminent because who came to try the guitars was less like to buy one.

Produced and sung by Rock band Led Zeppelin, Forbidden Riff was so popular it was the bands bestselling and most played song.

What Is Pepega. Find The Answer Here.

what does pepega mean

Pepega is a Twitch Emote used to indicate a stupid action or statement by the broadcaster. It is one of the emotes created by distorting the original Pepe the Frog, and is meant to express that something is stupid. Most often used on the streaming platform “Pepega” (pronounced “peh-peyguh”) impact is steadly growing on the gaming community.

Where did ‘pepega’ come from? The first known usage of Pepega was from a Discord conversation in April 2018 where a user named “adew” did misspell a meme’s Discord code, missing its second colon. That’s how initially ‘pepeha’ name was derived. It was added to the FrankerFaceZ Twitch extension.

Its rise is mostly owed to Forsen the streamer, whose streaming community was originally displeased by pepega addition to the channel’s slate of, emotes. That made people to people to spam it in his chats over and over again. With time it eventually evolved to iteration with a horn emoji added with the words “FOR SAN” added after the emoji. Pepega is commonly accompanied by the slang pejorative retard and the words “FOR SAN” in reference to the Twitch typed after them, to point it had been saying the streamer’s username during a stupid voice.

How To Tell If Your Smoking msm. Find Out Here.

MSM stands for Methylsulfonylmethane. It is a Sulphur-based chemical compound found in green plants, animals, and humans. It can also be made in a laboratory. MSM is a compound that is found in both plants and animals. Clinically it is often used as a supplement that helps alleviate certain medical conditions, like arthritis.

You can tell you are smoking MSM when it is heated, it will produce a cracking and sizzling sound as it burns up. When heated it turn ou to be a runny liquid. When smoked MSM may cause some symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, bloating, fatigue, headache, insomnia, itching, or worsening of allergy symptoms.

When it re-crystalizes, it will take longer if there is MSM mixed into the drug. Additionally, when it does re-solidify, the patterns that are created will look different.

MSM is also used by meth drug sellers as an additive to add more weight to the meth drug. Since its white like meth and easily detected it becomes a choice of meth dealers. In most instances a meth user will not tell if meth has been supplemented with MSM and doesn’t have any serious side effects. The difference comes when meth is heated.

What Is Poggers? Find Out In This Post.

Poggers is an emoji term mainly used in Twitch live stream in mainly overwatch streamers. Poggers was first used in a racist cartoon figure “Pepe the frog” byracist groups, directed to specifically anti-blacks.

In Twitch the meme is mostly used by internet gamers to indicate some surprise, amazement, excitement or cool moves while playing the games. It is also used to express a surprise when the other player makes a tight move. The slang which is used next to frog emoji  with surprise expressions was first used in fortress game before jumping to other games.

Other modifications of the term such as pepehands,  pepesmile, pog etc.

The word “poggers” is used to express excitement during a game when something exciting occurs.

How Old Is Geralt Of Rivia? See Below.

How old is Geralt of Rivia in the series of ”The Witcher”, a fictional character and the protagonists of short stories and novels by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski?

Geralt is almost 100 years old when the series starts and we find him in the middle of a journey. Naturally, Geralt doesn’t look like he’s 100-years-old since Witchers are alchemically-enhanced humans. The Actor of the character in the series Henry Cavill is 36 only but his character, Geralt, is about a century old. The legendary witcher of the School of the Wolf active throughout the 13th century is enhanced by magic and mutations. This witch powers are responsible for the youthful Tuck Everlasting appearance and longevity of several main characters, particularly Geralt and Yennefer.

Geralt, one of the few remaining witchers on the Continent, is a traveling monster slayer for hire, mutated and trained from an early age to slay deadly beasts.

Turns out his witcher training also prolongs his lifespan. Another character Yennefer, like most sorceresses, has undergone a beautifying ritual that stops her from aging in her time. Those nice looking faced heroes are actually old guys or quite comfortably into middle age who look like they are starting it out.

What Does lulw Mean? Find Out Here.

The phrase “lulw” is a Twitch meme it’s an emote on twitch. Joining other dozens Twitch emotes and memes. “Lulw” is a is a corrupted and rotated variation of the “lul“ another Twitch emote.

In 2013 by photographer Jonathan Tayag took a photo of John Bain “TotalBiscuit” laughing out at Bain laughing at the Major League Gaming Anaheim. John’s Twitch channel  the “TotalBiscuit” began using it in his stream as a sub emote “cynicallaugh”. The laughter gained acceptance by streamers and was given a slang “cynicallaugh”.

Later a “Better Twitch.Tv” a plug in Twitch that enables emotes added the emote to its collection calling it “LuL. Later the laughter photograph was redrawn and the version came out bearing the face of John, “Better Twitch.Tv” added it to Twith as an official emote in 2017.

Now the emoji has been adopted massively in Twitch as a memorial to the 33 year old gamer John who passed away due to bowel cancer.

In 2019 “Lulw”  has seen its variation with LOLW referring  to a variation of LULW in which the emote is combined with the Face With Tears of Joy emoji.  Used initially by FrankerFaceZ Twitch extension in 2019 the emote was adopted by over 400 streamers within two month.

Why Did Frodo Leave? Find Out Here.

Why would Frodo and Bilbo leaving other hobbits behind especially after destroying the Ring at the end of the movie?

The reason why Frodo left Middle earth, his ancestral home was that he needed time to rest and heal. The fighting with the Lord of Rings left him injured, though Frodo endured the course of Lord of the Rings and won he sustained injuries.

At the end of Return of the King Frodo chose to make the journey to the legendary realm known as the Undying Lands, unlike the other hobbit who remained at Middle earth. This is how Frodo’s journey finally ends; they board a ship from Grey Havens since they are no more needed because men had come.

Undying lands is a special place away from Middle-earth which is only welcome to immortals and Ring-bearers. Frodo and Bilbo journey is headed there but many people wonder they didn’t stick around at Shire with the other hobbits.

Since the pain of having going it all over again was inevitable each year Frodo sought for a place to go to escape the pains of his wounds which pain had to return afresh and hound him each year. Frodo and Bilbo could not escape the burden the ring had placed on them at Middle-earth .

Why Do People Like Billie Eilish? See Below.

Billie Eilish is a very young and talented pop singer and songwriter who came in to limelight in 2019. Most of her fans love her because she is real and authentic. She is a star who appeals to the young teenagers especially young girls. Most of her fans rage between 8 – 18 years. Her music is much loved by this group for it relates with them emotionally. Another thing her fans love her is that her music is exceptional and unusual; she doesn’t strive to look sexy like other stars.

Billie is an exact opposite of other pop singers. She is not like other Hollywood stars whose songs are show-off fake life and perfect and sing about drugs, love and money. Billie sings real songs and is not shy to express that she is emotional and has suffered depression. She is Boyish an appealing style to the young teenagers.

Some of her loved hits include;

  • “You should see me in a crown”
  • “Bellyache”
  • “Copycat”
  • “all the good girls go to hell”
  • “bad guy”
  • “I love you”
  • “When the party’s over”
  • “Xanny”
  • “Illomilo”
  • “Good bye”
  • “Ocean eyes”
  • “I don’t wanna be you anymore”
  • “Everything I wanted”

People believe her following is due to illuminati powers connected with her music which hypnotizes the young innocent lives and talks about things they go through like insecurities.