Which Of The Following Is A Correct Rule For Constructing Military Correspondence

The correct rules for constructing military correspondence should no longer be more than one page memo.

The correspondence should be one page with the element of communication incorporated. The point should be clear and up front, and should be written in an active voice. short meanful words should be used. Sentences and paragraphs should be kept short and unnecessary jargons avoided. Personal pronouns are best used. A one paged for most correspondence is the best. Avoid sentences that begin with “It is”, “There are”, or “There is”, use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.


The Army writing style has the following advantages:

  • This style saves reading time.
  • Highlights important information by putting the main point up front.
  • Decreases information overload.
  • Reduces writers’ anxiety and allows them to be themselves.
  • Sets a clear standard.

AR 25-50 contains rules for constructing Army correspondence to improve the AR 25-50 effectiveness of Army writing. These rules are similar to those used by the other guidance services and by business communication textbooks.


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