What Happened To Firefly Guitars? Find Out Here.

Firefly Guitar suppliers are running out of stock. There has been a huge craze regarding the firefly guitar. Demand is higher than supply for this specific guitar making it out of stock. Moreover, the price of the guitar is a huge factor behind its selling point. Currently being sold in Amazon for around $150, the guitar has been a hot selling point for both the manufacturer and the supplier.

The firefly guitar is getting sold out due to its cost and its specifications. Its original version has a tobacco sunburst finish, a straight neck, bone nut and good enough humbuckers. Other reviewers have commended it on its premium look, rigid and solid construction and more importantly, it sounds good. Moreover, its most famous model the ES 335 Style Model has had a waiting period of up to 6 months.

Furthermore, Youtube musician reviewers have reviewed the instrument and given great feedback leading to its increased sales and the continuing inability of supply to meet demand.
The firefly guitar has a class

ic design that appeals to ideally most buyers, a great price, a strong body and the guitar is a great investment for any musician.

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