What Does sfs Mean? Find Out That Below.

what does sfs mean

“sfs” is a social media slag. It’s a hashtag that indicates a user is looking for a shootout for shoutout or a spam for a spam. This is a way to cross promote posts of one user to another users account. Its variation is “S4S” to mean they will share one of your posts if you share one of theirs.

“sfs” is a way of saying “what’s up there, how about you sharing my post in your account and I share yours to my followers”.

In social media platforms, two users will agree to post messages of each other on their pages or accounts. It’s also a savvy way used by influencers and marketers to acquire large audience for marketing purposes.

“Sfs” is not limited to Istagram alone but it is also used on snapchat. In snapchat it is mostly used to mean user is looking for a shoutout on another users snap.

Other meaning of “sfs” is used for are as below;
“Sorry for spam”.
“Search for Spock”
“Shoutout for Shoutout”
“So fucking stupid”
“Suffering from Sanity”
“Sienar Fleet Systems”
“Street Fighter Society”
“So fucking sexy”

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