What Does Boca Mean? Find Out Here.

Boca is a Spanish word, that when translated to English means, mouth. It could also mean the mouth of a river, this is where a river merges into another river, lake or ocean.

The word Boca was recently popularized due to the K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher. They used it as the title to the lead title to their comeback, which happened in the summer of 2020.

Boca, the song, has been credited as being a very hip song in contrast to what the girl group is accustomed to doing, but still they are able to maintain their original feel and theme as was intended by their company.

The song depicts how ‘not to speak evil’. The girls choose not to let the negativity of evil words from haters and critics alike, bring them down from the well-deserved pedestal they have placed themselves on.

The song addresses the growing issue of online hating, cancel culture and cyberbullying. The music video to the song showcases how they have turned to a much evil nature due to the negativity brought about by the power of words.

The song shows the effects of evil words especially towards the victims targeted.

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