How To Talk With Short People. Find Out Here.

How to talk to short people is a meme which has been circulating online since 2014 when it was posted. Over time preceding the comic has grown in variations and at the same time increasingly becoming popular. It has been redrawn.

Today’s societal stereotyping has taught people that being taller is better than being shorter. To fire this thinking a drawing meme “How to talk with short people.” appeared online drawn a person seen leaning over to talk to a short person. It received a lot of views which prompted its redrawing. One of its redrawing received huge points of 20000 where the taller person depicted choking holding and dangling a short person up in the air and talking to him.

Away from the meme, in every society short people exist and being short though not a disability has its own challenges. Short people tend to be overlooked and even despised in extreme cases. To talk with a short person and leave in well their ego intact there are several ways to do it. Though talking to a short person is no different from talking to any other person but for the sake of keeping the eye contact it is good to talk with a short person few steps away as that would help. Its also good not to refer height when talking to a short person.

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