What Is A Table Shower

This is a special kind of water proof massage table with some series of showers over it. The table is overlaid with waterproof material that drains water hitting it from showers overhead. The rain showers attached over it may vary between 5 to 10 heads.

This kind of shower is not new though it may appear so to some people. Shower table originated from a French city called Vichy and so it is also called Vichy shower. Table shower is common nowadays in massage spa and beauty salons. It is mostly used for the purpose of hydrotherapy treatment and relaxations.

Unlike the normal massage, a stream of water is jetted on to a person’s body while they lay on the table. The stream may be targeted over a particular spot or it may be all over. This water can be hot or warm whatever the customer prefers. Its aim is to relax the body under the stream of hot water and a massage for full pleasure.

The healing benefits of water are used here by giving the water a little bit more pressure that the body can feel. Among many benefits this kind of showering is used to remove the skins dead cells, stress remover and body scrubs.

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