How Many People Play Overwatch – How Popular Is the Game?

How Many People Play Overwatch

The number of people who play Overwatch was estimated to be over 40 million players worldwide by 2018. Overwatch is an e-sport game Developed by Blizzard Entertainment an American video game developer. The game has seen a lot of growth lately since it’s inception in 2016.

Recently (2019) Blizzard Entertainment Overwatch’s lead director Jeff Kaplan  was heard quoting a fan base of 50 million. “to build this community of over 50 million players at this point, the last thing we would ever do is do anything to split what an amazing community you guys are.”

Overwatch, a team-based first-person shooter video game has found a lot of love from many e-sport game lovers. It has seen its number of players rise mostly due to more games and it’s multi-players increment.

It’s the majority of players are from the United States but recently it has seen a sharp uptake in the Asian market. That has contributed to the rise of its cumulative tournament prize pool to 6.59 million U.S. dollars by 2018.

That trend is expected to rise sharply with Overwatch 2 release in offing expected to see an increase of its fan base. The game is still super terrific and will continue raking in revenues for Blizzard Entertainment if things go according to its statistics projections.

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