How To Unsecure A PDF. Find Out Here.

There two common ways used to secure a PDF document.

  1. User or open password.

User or open password is used to lock the document such that it cannot open, accessed or viewed without a password. No part of the document can come into view unless unlocked with a valid password. The first thing that comes up when you click the file to open is a field to enter the password. When a valid password is entered the document opens up. This password is known as “User Password” and it is not easy to unlock the document without the password.

2. Owner or permission passwords

This is the password needed to use some functions in the document like editing,

  • copying
  • printing,
  • commenting,
  • etc

It is possible to remove this kind of password protection from the document. You can use;

  • Google chrome
  • Soda PDF
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro

Using Google Chrome

  1. Log in and open your google drive.
  2. Add the file to your google drive. You can do this by dragging or by copying.
  3. Now click to open it and it should open without a problem unless its “user password” protected.
  4. “Select a Destination” menu.
  5. Go to Local Options
  6. Click “Save As PDF” .
  7. Click the blue Save button at the top-left corner.
  8. The file will be downloaded as an unsecured PDF file to your computer.

Now your file is unsecured you can edit or any other thing you cant do with unsecured PDF.

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