How To Post Images On Reddit. Find Out Here.

For a long time Imgur has been and remains reddit-users’ choice of storing images for uploading to Reddit. However in 2016 Reddit introduced an image sharing tool of their own within its platform to upload images directly from Reuddit itself. Reddit has bowed to the pressure and embedded an image and video sharing tool.

It is also very simple to share;
Links or

Using your laptop or desktop to post images.

Open the subreddit you want to post the image.

At the right top corner there is a “Submit a new link” icon. Click it.

Now from the pop up message choose url if you are posting an image from third party sites like imgur, or click “Choose file” if the image is your computer.

You can choose the image from your computer files browser.

The photo is uploaded

Using the Reddit app you can also share images using your smartphone.

Go to Reddit and choose the subreddit you want to post the image.

Open library. Thats will take you to where your photo is. If you want to take a new image tap the camera icon and take the photo.

After your photo appears, tap “Post” at the upper right screen.

Your post is live at your subreddit.

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