How To Crosspost On Reddit. Learn Here.

Do you seem not get to get I can’t seem to find the option anywhere and I’m on a desktop computer?

In 2018 Reddit updated its algorithm and enabled and now post share options to share. After sharing you will have the option to cross post to another sub reddit.

If you’re on a Desktop/Laptop

1. Open Reddit.

2. Sign into your account.

3. Click cross post under a post’s title. The “Share” button will be right below the main post on the top of the page.

4. Select a sub-reddit for your cross post.

5. Edit the post’s title. Click that and there will be an option for Cross posting.

6. You will see a small arrow leaning to the right next to the “Share” button. Click SUBMIT.

How to cross post or quote on Reddit app for Android?

  • Open the Reddit App
  • Open the cross post you want to cross post tap on the Share button.
  • Click Cross post
  • Next you choose the sub-reddit you wish to share with
  • Edit and the
  • Tap on Post.

Before you share anything you have to make sure the post has a real value to the other sub-reddit you are cross sharing to. If you fail that be sure your cross post will be down-voted very quickly to death.

You have to make sure the post you are cross-posting is not a recent post since it will be recognized and has to be unique too. You can test out this things by your own and see what works.

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