How Many Cups In A Liter? Find Out Here.

It is a very detailed General Knowledge question. You can be asked this by your friends to test your quick wit and general knowledge. This question will also test and require you to use a bit of math, mostly the measurement part of the diverse math subject. Read this article to get to know the answer and how to solve this math riddle question.

So, what is a litre?

One litre is the unit used to measure liquids more than 1000 ml. So, basically, if you have to calculate or measure the amount or volume of liquid of a large water bottle, you will use litre.

What do we know?

What we know is that litre is used to measure large quantities of water. Another thing is that

1-litre equals to 1000 ml

So, using this mini formula, we can find out the number of cups that are in 1 litre.

Let us take in consideration the size of one US cup. And each cup has 250 ml of capacity holding of water.

So, after doing the multiplication, we get the value of the number of cups that is in 1 litre.

And the amount is 1 Liter is equal to 4.2267528377 US Cups.

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