How Many Beers To Get Drunk. Find Out Here.

If you want a straight answer to this question, to an average person 5 beers of 5% taken within 1 hour is enough to make one drunk. The word drunk is debatable and relative. It depends on how it is used. Some people believe one beer is enough for somebody to be called drunk. Others say they aren’t drunk even after the 10th bottle as long as they can think straight and and walk without losing balance. In the US the 3rd bottle will land you into trouble with the law enforcers if you drive. There are so many factors to consider to determine the many beers one has to take to be drunk the state one can’t talk normally. When few beers like 2 are taken over long period of time like 3 hours it’s effects are minimal and that rate cant get one drunk. Alcohol percentage in beer matters how quick one gets drunk. The high the percentage the less beers are needed to make one drunk. Rate of metabolism rate of an individual will also affect. Things like how full or empty is the stomach is also a factor. The liver takes 1 hour to process 1 beer. So if you drink 5 over 5 hours it is just like taking only 1. Again if you take 5 beers of 9% in 1 hour. You will get pretty drunk quickly and out of control. Drinking in excess is harmful to your health and also can cause harm to you and people around you. Don’t even think of drunk driving

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